Skyline Charlotte - Passion Meets Inspiration



Skyline Charlotte - Passion Meets Inspiration

SKYLINE Charlotte

Charlotte is having a moment. Passionate chefs, craft brewers, shop owners and designers are working to not only advance their own businesses but to push the Queen City into the national spotlight. In assembling this issue of Skyline, a mini-magazine and guide, we found overwhelming evidence of a renewed spirit, of people who are propelling this city forward and who are embracing their community, talking about how to make Charlotte an even better city than it already is.

The conversations take place at farmer’s markets and over locally brewed beers, in networking groups or while waiting in line for a hot dog at a Knights game, and the conclusion is this: Charlotte, long an enjoyable place to live, is fast becoming a place to create, to experience, to be inspired. This is our hometown, and we are excited to see and participate in this momentum, and in this next phase of Charlotte’s growth. We hope that meeting the people, places and ideas that you’ll find in the pages that follow will help put today’s Charlotte in perspective, and will help get you excited about the future too.

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